I don’t usually go to church, but today I did. I decided to ask my friend and coworker Rudy.
He was all excited, where i was little uneasy. I think its because i don’t have a lot of faith in much of anything these days. All I can think about is, why am I here, from others i hear its because *GOD* brought me here, well i took the choice, so right now I’m still leery on believing anything. I do believe in karma, Ive seen it first hand, and things do happen for a reason. How am I supposed to grasp on someone who i cant see to exist, but everyone else who has faith says they do?

Today I showed up to Rudy’s, I was welcomed into his home by himself and his lovely Wife, where we waited for her to get ready. We then headed to his church, to start out my Sunday, where I thought I wasn’t going to have any fun.
While I was at his church listening, my mind wondered off to observing, what was going on around me and had my own questions of what I wanted to ask.

Why were there so very little people in this church? The one’s who were attending enjoyed every min of it, but again its so few for such a big church. I wanted to know what was the reason, Is this place poorly promoted to the point where nobody cares? That cant be since its been opened for apparently 22 years they must have been doing something right, right?

Looking around with the children in attendance, i cant help but see myself with one particularly little boy.
I saw myself in this kid in so many levels, My question is what can grab the attention of today’s youth to get them involved in something fun, or something like church? You cant just assume a kid is ready to listen and believe in something other than the fact there parents do.
This kid was being hounded by his big sister to pay attention, where he didn’t want to be there, i know the signs, THAT WAS ME! The head on the back of the chair, laying down, being annoyed, the poor kid was bored, he needed someone to enlighten him. Who can do that? Who has that kind of power. I never had that, at least i haven’t had that feeling while at church. I always felt i was bored at the church i grew up in, so i don’t wanna see this kid go down my path.
The little girl was no saint, i guess you can say, she was all into it in the beginning next thing you know shes on the floor coloring, and bored, again why have them in the adult portion of church, if they cant grasp on the message to move them. Just because only a few kids show up doesn’t mean they have to sit with the grownups, let them have the kid experience with church with fun games to learn about God. So I still have my question how can you grab that attention? As they say our youth is our future.

When hearing the first part of church, how Rudy gave me a warm welcome, even though I knew him and he introduced me and everything, I was welcomed it was nice, I wasn’t judged for any reason, i was even on my best behavior. So even though i knew him, How can this church send a positive message to someone off the streets, again it brings up how can you bring more people, if a stranger comes off the street he or she will need a great message for them to stay right? At least that’s how i feel, I’m giving things a chance just to try, so i hope others can do the same for this place, Maybe there is a reason I showed up, I can be the change? But I need to be changed first  before anything else begins.

I feel like I know how to bring people in, but i don’t have the power for them to stay. In this place i don’t know why but i kept thinking of ways to even improve it, so this change, are people willing? or even ready.
They have a great duo of music, but it can me much better, need to bring it in with more light for the fire thats already burning, dont just let it fall on just 2 individuals, again, I’m not hating, its just my observation. Using one of them old school prompters to show lyrics to sing to, where you pull the sheets off and change them every second, it gets annoying to watch, and nobody will get into it if they are new. In my opinion it was hard to follow, and i gave up and just listened to them sing and play.
The talk today how i remember bits and pieces, i think of my own journey through things, everyone has a bible to read, people can get the messages and live by it,  I’m not knocking the book, but its hard for me to read something i can barley follow. I love music, i get a lot from it, so its the same as there book.
Its one of them things i will make a change to start.

So how can you keep me interested? How can you make someone stay in a place with so few people yet big hearts. How can i not drift  away from this new place?
Thats the million dollar question, to a answer i do not have right now.

I can say how they can run things, but will it work? Will my input be relevant? I’m nobody, just a stranger off the streets first day in this church. Yet Ive started this blog because of it. So is it because i want to help? Is this some kind of new thing that I’m wanting to try? maybe for now i guess only i will know right? Are we ready for actual change?

We all have our own issues we deal with everyday, We don’t like letting our skeletons out of the closet, where we may feel like we need someone to talk to, but don’t want to be judged,or feel like we are going to get judged.
How can you know what people go through? Unless you walk in their shoes you will never know, you can assume what is going on, but you will never know how they truly feel, just because two people have the same issue, doesn’t mean they are the same, doesn’t mean you can treat them exactly the same, because nobody is the same, everyone handles things their own way. So we will never know how someone feels, even walking in there own shoes. Just be there for someone,
So that stranger you meet on the streets don’t judge them, You just don’t know what there going through that day.

Well that’s it, don’t hate my first blog, especially when i don’t do these things at all that often…

Well good day, Night


One thought on “9/28/14

  1. Well said. You’re much more eloquent in your written thoughts than your spoken ones. You should definitely continue writing. It’s nice to see you expressing your opinions in this way. 😃


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