You know, I must be crazy thinking I can let my wall of feelings come down for you.
I may not be the brightest person, but I am smart and I observe pretty well. I don’t like to be played with, or be used. Yes I said it now I’m feeling used, why well its simple.
When one thought they were on the same page then communication goes out the window, what am I supposed to think.  Yes we have busy lives, yes we work a lot,  but you can’t pickup the phone and call someone?  Or even text.
It’s all good, but when you have time to talk to others, you get the hint it’d over, it’s not like we may have been together. .

We have our flaws some more than others. I’m done sitting around waiting by the phone, one day you may want to talk, but realise I won’t be here to take that call, I’ve been told I’m a nice guy,  well this nice guy is tired of people’s attitudes and lack of respect.

I am free as this post may end, it’s my random thoughts of the night. I just wanna say I’m tired of feeling like crap and used…
I say goodbye


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