Aug 27th


Baby Thompson, your mom and I got to see you even clearer today, and we heard your heartbeat.
Your heartbeat is so strong, it was a blessing to know we had a little communication from you today.

We are both new right now, we are going to take some classes, and start learning more of the ropes on what is to come.
I promise you, you will be loved, My best Friend and soon to be Aunt Lauren can’t wait to meet you, she cried finding out from me on the status we got tonight.
Your Mommy’s friend Darian, is just the same she’s got so much planned for you its not even funny.. *haha yes it is*
So many friends are excited and family.

I just want you to know, I will never forget that sound, I love you and good night for now.



Aug 26th



Hey, Baby Thompson.
I am your soon to be Dad, My Name is Chris Thompson and your Mommy’s name is Amanda Dailey, it’s crazy how everything has just now began.
We are both new to what we are going to experience but just know we are going to be ready.

I’m not much of a blogger but I will give you some details and pictures with hopes of you appreciating this one day.

Well today your Mom and I, went to see you for the very first time.
These past weeks it was still so new to us both. When I saw that blob of a picture I knew you were real, you are my Son or Daughter, as of right now we have no clue as you are our little mystery.

I want you to know that, soon as I found out I’m going to be a Dad, I will be honest  I was scared, but I so far stepped up and I hope to be a proud parent you look up to one day.

Today is the first of blogs, and soon it will have every picture just to annoy you and your mom.

Right now you are a little raspberry,
But I’m proud to say that I love you and can’t wait to find out more about you.
No matter what Gender you are, you are loved
As of this entry, you have a lot of people waiting on you.

I will end it with this today, I will follow up tomorrow as your mom and I have a official visit to a doctor to see if there is more of you to see.