September 7th


My sweet baby girl or boy.

Mommy and I have come up with your name, If you are my baby girl, you will have the name, Brooklyn Grace Thompson. If you are my baby boy, You will have the name, Brody Allen Thompson.  
We love you, we cannot wait to see what you are going to be.

We are at week 9 and 3 days, it won’t be until October before we know, but it no longer matters.  We are ready for either.
Tomorrow we will be picking up your crib, so that will be fun.
Mommy and I are still looking for our own place, by the time you are here it will happen, so you never had to worry about that.
Your mom wants you to calm down, she misses food, and no longer likes any smell, but she will be fine.
Few kidney shots and roll overs but it’s minor on what you are doing to her. 🙂

Baby Thompson, remember you are our #1 priority,  as a friend told me, it’s no longer about me, what I thought was important doesn’t mean anything,  you are the most important person who will be in my life, besides your mother Amanda.
Family is everything,  you will notice how crazy we all are.

Good night for now.
Love CJ