Hello 2016 good bye 2015


2015 over hello 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Well 2015 is over, as of a few hours of this typing.. 7:32pm.


Where do I start? Good bad ugly?

Beginning of the year it was a low point once again in life, as the struggle of life had taken its toll.

2014 ended with me and my dad getting on a better track of life atleast I hope 🙂

I had so many issues the first couple months of heartache and trying to figure out what I need to do for my life,

Then after trading cars with dad, I decide I’m tired of trying to fix the one he gave me that had no payments, I needed to get a car with payments again.. Don’t get me wrong I like the car but because of the current situation I’m in. it’s a burden, but atleast this time its in my name, and I don’t screw family up.


From Jan, to about April that was the, I’m giving up stages I guess in a way, but I didn’t. From the wrath of 2014 I had to let things go, and I got my bathroom back in the process. (those who know me understand the cat struggle..) In May I had a loss of a friend, but gained a new friend and love, Amanda Dailey, who I had known previous a year just barley able to talk to her… nerves 😛

Amanda and I have been dating since that time, and we decided that we were going to have a kid… OOPS!!!

That’s where life got more interesting, once we found out so many thing’s have changed. Still getting to know each other has been a very interesting journey but we are doing it, and not looking at the bad but the positive from this point on and forward.

The Baby, Wyatt Nathaniel Thompson, as of this typing we have 97 more days till arrival. ITS SCARY THOUGHT.

So many things we still have to do and get. Then more struggle hits with her being on disability, and insurance disappearing… but 2016 it will be fixed.. Atleast it Better 😉

Even though some may think its a lot of negative, its a lot of positive, I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

The changes are for the better and the journey is never ending.


The stuff that happened in 2015

1.     Getting a Kia soul.. Haha yes the hamster mobile, don’t believe the hype when it says its good on gas though. It may be because of a lead foot but I been good. 🙂

2.   Getting rid of cats.. This was a important title of finally just giving up on waiting for the owner to get them, when they were abandoned with me and they were only supposed to be there a weekend… :s Cats i like to assume they are with new families now, and well taken care of. As I am allergic. 😮 stuff you do for who you thought was a friend I guess.

3.Loss of a friend. Patrick Mendez, man I met this guy and we hit it off, along with Chris Allen who was his buddy and brother its unfortunate that I diddnt get to know him for a lot longer than I wanted to but I will never forget the time that I had with him, and the jokes. RIP Superman Patrick

4. Loss of an Uncle well unfortunately I lost my uncle this year as well, he’s in a better place, but I wish I got to see him but I will remember him as he was not the last moments of his life, RIP Uncle Phillip, and Many prayers to my whole family, and his wife and kids 😦

5. Meeting of Amanda, Man this girl I been trying to ask out for over a year, and then on her birthday I have her cake and a thing of starbursts. From then on Going to the Beach, Vegas a few times, Camping, HAVING A KID!!!!!! Haha crazy. Still getting to know her everyday. ❤

6. Moving out of moms. I think that’s the hardest things I have done all this year cause I was scared to fail. Don’t get me wrong some moments I have the stress, luckily I have family that still helps me cause if wasn’t for them, I would be more of a struggle.

7. My co workers, I usually see this on the internet and never happen to me moment, but the first couple weeks me and Amanda being on our own we had no fridge, well my co workers came together and fixed that, truly grateful for every one of them that had helped us out. Along with a big thank you to Danny who helped even more with stuff we may need.

8. Obviously family, Everyone helped in the way they can. My Dad for everything he did to help get me to this point along with the donation of all his furniture basically. And the other stuff he’s done. My Mom and ED for being there right by my side when I need the help when they can as well.

9. Wyatt Nathaniel, even though he’s not in our arms yet, he’s been a big part of 2015 once we found out, and we got to see glimpse but we cannot wait to see more and have him in our arms and begin the new journey of being parents.

10. Coco, the little puppy that was needed of rescue, this little dog had been a handful, but she’s the newest addition to Amanda and my family. She’s a very needy dog haha and doesn’t know what she wants at times. Cant wait for her to meet her new baby brother and grow up with him just like I did with my old dog, who was also named Coco, just a different breed 🙂


That’s it that’s what I can say of 2015

Its just going to get better, more positive than negative, so until next time

Chris, Amanda, Coco, (Cooking Wyatt) wishes you all a happy new year and see you all next year. For Wyatt he will be here next year 😉